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Dunkel Radio Interviews Ben UFO


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Listen to Dunkel Radio's interview with Hessle Audio boss, Ben UFO, who Najaaraq caught up with prior to his gig at Culture Box earlier this year.

Hessle Audio has grown into one of the most important underground imprints within the electronic music scene, since dubstep and techno became sweethearts. The label is run by Ben UFO, Pangaea and Pearson Sound formerly known as Ramadanman.

Since 2006 they have been infiltrating the scene with their own releases, and providing us with unheard work by Untold, Joe, Blawan and Peverelist. They even released one of James Blake's first EP's, 'The Bells Sketch' which is probably the most interesting thing the Bieber of electronic music has put out to date.

Not only have they had a massive influence on their own British countrymen, the Hessle Audio crew is loved by the difficult to please environment surrounding Berlin's techno institution Berghain - and that includes the intimidating staff of the Hardwax Record Store.

Check out Najaraaq's interview with Ben UFO below:

Dunkel Radio Talks To Ben UFO by Dunkel Radio on Mixcloud

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