Dunkel Radio 2.0. Thursday 30/01/14 at AIAIAI Studio A, Studiestræde 31


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Dunkel Radio

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Dunkel Radio is celebrating their two year anniversary and the launch of their new website with a get-together at the AIAIAI studio today

Two years has passed since we first transformed the legacy of a nightclub in to an online platform celebrating the alternative corner of the electronic music scene.

Today, we’re striving, as ever, to act as an inclusive platform for what’s happening on the scene in Denmark and internationally, through our guest mixtapes, radio shows, interviews and blog posts. Furthermore, this year, we will be expanding our activities with a vinyl label focusing on Danish talent. All of this in mind, a transformation was needed, and a new website with a new look design by Claes Oscar Börjeson, will be revealed today. Thats why we are pleased to invite you - old, new, and potential friends, to come down and have a beer with us at the AIAIAI Studio and listen to some good tunes played by Sara Foreal Svanholm / Frej Levin / Dan M and Dee Brown.

Big thanks to Bente Clausen, AIAIAI and Red Stripe for making this possible.