Dolemite 2 : The Human Tornado


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The latest Throne of Blood post comes courtesy of Stevie B of TOB duo NYCPARTYINFO and Bromance Records duo PIPES. It's a brief discussion of one of his favorite films - and that's all you need to know, really.

One of my favorite, and (in my opinion) greatest films of all time, is the 1976 classic "Dolomite 2 : The Human Tornado". This powerhouse of a film, is a product of the imagination and charisma of comedian Rudy Ray Moore. By all standards, this film could be categorized as gratuitous hack work. Classic 70s low budget (one mansion is clearly used for like 7 different locations), but at the heart of this film is one mans burning desire to entertain, to give people something that he wanted to see because there was nothing else like it.

Off hand, I can’t think of a film that i find more entertaining; and I have seen this picture easily 200 times. A Truly "indie" film due to the profanity, violence, and adult situations, no real studio in 1976 would have made this. A group of people, who wanted to see what THEY considered entertainment, got together and made it happen, for visibly not that much money.

In our world of youtube and soundcloud, and the democracy of anybody having a film/music production studio In their laptop, the question to ask is "I can, but should I?". Am I really so committed and passionate about this piece of art I want to share with the world, or did I just realize that I can (kinda) do that... So hey, why not?

The triumph of "The Human Tornado" is that, no matter how goofy the logic behind 90% of the things that happen, every frame is dripping with the passion of an entertainer that not only had a unique vision, but worked and hustled to realize it... Because back then, it was a lot of work, and money to do something like that. In this, the era of option paralysis, would we be better off if you really had to put down your chips on an idea to really make it happen? If you had to spend 1000$ on gear and another 1000$ on records just to start djing. 10,000$ and gallons of sweat to make your own film. $2000 for a couple pieces of entry level gear to produce dance music? Would #soundcloudtrap even exist? Has film/music gotten better or worse over the last 15 years ? Who uploads every song to YouTube?

Burning questions.