DJ Kicks: Hercules & Love Affair

by Ulrik


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Hercules & Love Affair

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Contemporary dance music’s flamboyant flagship make a contribution to the renowned DJ Kicks series. Disco, 80s new beat, 90s house and current cuts get thrown into a mix that’s classically and unmistakably Hercules & Love Affair.

Andy Butler is a man that very obviously knows what he’s doing. While dance music’s propensity for golden age-thinking is beginning to come off as a little tired - and in certain cases just plain lazy - the Hercules producer seems keenly aware of the looming nostalgia trap and consequently navigates his way elegantly through it without ever becoming reductive or predictable.

Granted, there are generous helpings of 90s diva vocals and the like, but in the hands of this particular selector it’s quite simply A-ok and difficult to disparage without coming off as a hardened cynic.

According to K7 Records: ‘Main man Andy Butler takes classic house and disco sounds and uses them to craft dance music that has one foot in the past, the other cutting a rug on dancefloors right now. It's a well-judged and expertly executed balance.’ And we’re more than a little inclined to believe them.

Check out a preview of the entire mix below: