DJ Fresh and Mindtunes: Letting disabled people create music with their Mind



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Let’s just clarify: utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Smirnoff got some severely disabled people together and let them create music USING THEIR BRAINWAVES. This is actually jaw-droppingly incredible. We had no idea that this kind of technology had come so far. Prepare to be amazed.

We could do with having one or two less Smirnoff logos in the video, but that minor quibble quickly falls by the wayside when you understand the depth, magnitude and overall compassion that this project is about. People who had previously been unable to produce music because of physical constraints can now do just that with the help of a few exceptionally smart and gifted people and a new technology called Emotiv EPOC.

Kind of lost for words on this one. So much potential. Watch the video.