Distortion Zoom: Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team

by Rasmus


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Not sure what to check out tonight in Nørrebro? Rasmus has your back.

I heard tonight is all about booty!

Yup, that's right. Nørrebrohallen is hosting a wide range of bouncy acts from Sissy Nobby and Isa GT to our local heroes Copia Doble Systema and Julius Sylvest. While the party will definitely be going down on the main floor, you really should head over to the climbing wall and catch one of France's finest house outfits.

France? Did anything happen there after Justice?

Oh yes. After everybody gave up on the heavily distorted disco samples, a small group of house-heads got together and started Sound Pellegrino. The label has been going for two years now with a number of high profile releases and plenty of quality music to support them. Remember that crazy Renaissance Man hindu sample or that track about "Dinosaurs with guns!"? Yeah, so do they. In fact, they put it out.

So I should pick a pun on a mineral water brand over a dancehall party?

I guess there's no way around that. But Sound Pellegrino is more than that. Teki Latex and Orgasmic will without doubt, despite their somewhat cheesy monikers, deliver one hell of a set. If their picks as label managers are anything to go by, expect sounds from Joakim, Style of Eye, Bok Bok, Tom Trago, Noob, and Bambounou. Not bad at all.

Ok, they pick solid acts for their label, but are they any good on their own?

Both Teki Latex and Orgasmic are more than solid behind the decks. I vividly remember Teki Latex rocking the skate stage at Roskilde a few years back like nothing I've ever seen, and I'm confident that tonight will be no different. If you're curious as to how they'll work in a live setting, check out their dramatically titled "It's Raining Crystals From The Sky" mix embedded below. Plenty of house goodies with a certain touch of cheekiness. But first and foremost, the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team is there to make you dance, and I'm willing to bet that the climbing wall will be popping tonight.

THERMAL TEAM It's Raining Crystals From The Future by Sound Pellegrino on Mixcloud