Distortion Zoom: Pachanga Boys

by Rasmus


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ZZZZZZZZZZZ...huh! What! Oh, it's you. Guess I must have dozed off, or something. Partying down for three consecutive days takes its toll, you know. Anyways, you should go see Pachanga Boys tonight.

Am I even still alive?

I hope so. Even if you've been going for three days straight, I hope you've saved some energy for the nothing short of epic final party.

I know, I know... The truck, the three minute rave, the tents, the parties. You're telling me I can't miss it?

Yes. The Final Party lineup is nothing short of spectacular. 100% Silk is bringing their hipster house to town and Kompakt is bringing their all-star lineup. But - assuming Mike Skinner didn't absolutely destroy it - Comemé is bringing the party to the truck.

Comemé? That doesn't ring any bells...

After tonight, I hope it will. Chilean house hero Matias Aguayo is playing, but arguably the coolest name on that stage is Pachanga Boys (and they clearly have great taste in headphones).

Ok, we've been through mineral water puns and radio heroes, but Pachanga Boys? Who chooses such a name?

Apparently Rebolledo and Superpitcher thought it would work. They want to make the world a better place, they label their music hippie dance, and all that jazz, but none of it would matter if their music wasn't rock solid.

... so, it is?

Oh, it's more than solid. Rebolledo has been rocking with the Comemé crew for a while, and Superpitcher needs no introduction. Together, their music is the most uplifting kind of house. 'Time,' embedded above, builds and builds and builds throughout its more than 15(!) minutes without ever getting stale. It's simple, subtle, and just plain beautiful. The competition is rough, but Pachanga Boys is an absolute must tonight. That being said, the lineup for tonight is pretty darn solid. Really, it's hard to go wrong (but seeing Pachanga Boys is obviously less wrong).