Distortion Zoom: Chromatics

by Rasmus


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Rasmus gives you the low-down on the one artist you need to see every day during Distortion.

So, it's Wednesday and you're telling me to go out?

There's no way around it: Distortion is here! If there ever was a Wednesday that deserved a hangover, it would be the one that follows this fine Wednesday of Distortion 2012.

I saw this band called Chromatics on the poster in a really big font, but since they were next to Mike Skinner and Trentemøller, I didn't really bother checking them out. Are they any good?

The short answer? Yes. Slightly longer version: When I say 'Drive,' who do you think of?

Ryan Gosling? Maybe that Refn guy?

Well, after tonight, your answer will be Johnny Jewel. The Chromatics/Desire/Glass Candy front-man was originally set to write the entire score but ended up 'only' contributing a few songs. In any case, Jewel's somber melancholic disco grooves set the perfect atmosphere for the movie.

And why would I want to feel somber if I'm going out?

Chromatics is more than just melancholy. They just released 'Kill For Love,' an album that contains a mix of tight disco-inspired grooves, beautifully uplifting synthesizer backdrops, and Ruth Radelet's dusty vocals. It's pretty, pretty music with plenty of soul. Even if their image seems somewhat stylized, it's all about the substance. Pitchfork placed them in their 'Best New Music' hall of fame and Drowned In Sound pulled out the big guns with a 10/10 for that effort, if you trust them more than me.

You had me at Pitchfork. Where do I go?

Of course. And what's even more exciting is that you'll get to experience them in a venue that's just too perfect to be true. Skuespilhuset's stage usually hosts plays, but tonight is all about disco. With prime acoustics and an absolutely stunning venue, there's no excuse not to drag your Turpas to Skuespilhuset and see for yourself.