Diego Stocco’s Duet for Leaves & Turntable



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Diego Stocco

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- is one of the cleverest pieces of experimental sound design we’ve laid our ears on for quite some time. By performing the seemingly simple act of rubbing leaves against a turntable, composer and sound designer Diego Stocco creates overwhelmingly delectable ear candy that makes turntable wizkids like Kid Koala seem like musical conservatives in comparison.

Things are really stirring within the world of experimental sound design. Lately we’ve witnessed a remarkable amount of innovation that alters our perception of what sound and indeed music can be and Diego Stocco’s idea is definitely not an exception.

Here’s how it works: For about an hour, Stocco recorded brief musical phrases by rubbing leaves against the turntable. Interestingly, the type of leaf, angle, pressure and fold determines the sound. Then he combined the different takes together. Every sound element comes from these recordings, including the bass, kick and snare sounds shaped with EQ, compression and resonators.

Now if this sounded so-so the sound designer could be forgiven as using leaves to play music is a remarkable and admirable achievement in itself. But it sounds fresh, contemporary and raw as all hell. Which is probably no accident as Stocco is actually an award-winning sound designer responsible for dozens of film and video game trailers including “TRON: Legacy”.

By literally thinking outside of the box and going into the garden, the Italian sound virtuoso has effortlessly dismantled our preconceived notions about sound and music. Bravo, Mr. Stocco.

And keep it coming, sound geeks!