Death Grips - 'Get Got'

by Ulrik


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Avant-hip hoppers, Death Grips, are back to feed you nuggets of intensity with their latest single.

At the beginning of 2011, some of us opined that hip hop had nowhere left to go. That it had greedily manoeuvred itself into a position of bloated, stale, privilige and that the anthemic trance synths popping up all over the hip hop landscape were its final death throes. An attempt at breathing new life into a genre that was already close to being three feet under the music historical tree of life. Kanye and Nicki Minaj notwithstanding, we thought that hip hop was on the verge of becoming wholly irrelevant.

Oh, how wrong we were.

Shabazz Palaces (whom we’ve previously mentioned in our Best of 2011 list) and Death Grips came seemingly out of nowhere and made a new bid for hip hop’s crown by going decidedly avant garde on us. It was as if certain members of the hip hop community had remained in embarrassed hiding from all the bullshit, bling and vacuous rhyming and suddenly decided that their time was now.

The latest single, ‘Get Got’ from Sacramento outfit, Death Grips, is definitely very now. Yet more proof that the way forward is being intense, weird and dark.