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Dave Hakkens

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The Phonebloks guy is at it again. And this time he wants to reduce industrial waste through a ‘local recycling centre’ that uses plastic to create a range of products like a waste paper bin, a spinning top and a plastic lamp. But the action doesn’t necessarily stop there as Hakkens made the blueprints for the machines available online for everyone to comment and improve on.

You have to hand it to Dave Hakkens. Despite the fact that he’s only just graduated, he’s more or less captured the entire planet’s imagination with the Phonebloks concept and while his latest project might not have the same immediate level of wow-factor it is still a very solid concept with a lot of potential.

Hakkens got the idea for the project after visiting plastic manufacturing companies where he discovered that they were reluctant to use recycled plastic:

"We recycle just 10% [of waste plastic]," (…) "I wondered why we recycle so little so I investigated it. I went to all these companies and I realised that they don't really want to use recycled plastic. So I wanted to make my own tools so I could use recycled plastic locally."

Watch the video and you’ll see that the Dutch design graduate has once again found a way to present simple yet elegant solutions to our societal waste problems in an accessible way that captures the imagination and taps into the power of the internet. Naysayers may infer that his concepts are not yet ready for mass-implementation, but that shouldn’t, in our opinion, detract from the immediate impact that these ideas could have down the line with the right kind of backing and development.

In any case, we’re betting that this is one designer who won’t have any trouble finding a job.

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