Danish Wrestling - Get In The Ring / Fixed not Fake

by Hans


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Hans works in mysterious ways. That is, he went to a Danish pro wrestling event to take some photos of big, sweaty, bear-y men doing the Danish version of the WWF. As they say in Starship Troopers: 'Would you like to know more'? Then click on the photo already.

“Some people say wrestling’s fake. It’s fixed, it ain’t fake -I make contact.” Starbuck is sitting on a chair backstage after the show, bleeding a little from the mouth “I bit my tongue during the fight”. The rest of the guys in the six man brawl that was the nights main event are looking worse for wear as well.

Two lovely black eyes and an assortment of bruises and welts are adorning the wrestlers as they wind down. I’ll admit that I was a bit doubtful before the show started.

Some of the wrestlers were going through the basic outlines of their fights, while others were content to just hang back. They didn’t really look like wrestlers to me, just a bunch of guys in t shirts and sweatpants hanging around an empty theatre.

But when the lights came on, the music started playing and the first body slam had been administered, my doubts were no more. This show might have had the budget of a concession stand at Summer Slam, but it didn’t matter. This was wrestling, the real deal, and it was A W E S O M E. Two and a half hours gone by in a blizzard of kicks, punches, backbreakers, clotheslines, headbutts, smashed guitars & insults.

Good times.