DâM-Funk Releases a New Drum Machine in Collaboration with Stones Throw

by Ulrik


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The nifty/quirky handheld music device you never knew you that you desperately needed. Dam-Drum is a handheld drum machine and sequencer with four unique sounds selected by Dâm Funk, the undisputed king of iridescently smooth electro-funk. This is a collaboration with Stones Throw and Bleep Labs, who designed and built the drum in Austin, Texas and it does look a treat.

Like the first version of the Dam- Drum (Dam-Drum version 1), which was released summer 2012, this version is handmade and limited edition. It 

Includes a case and function controls instruction sheet while requiring a 9 volt battery.

Want a shot at sounding as raw as the cat they call they call Dâm- Funk? This is not a bad place to start. Word.

More Info here.