Cubify: Print 3D Objects at Home



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That's right, you can now print any 3D object you want in the comfort of your home. Shoes, toy swords, scorpions and, if you happen to be a raging narcissist, little miniature versions of yourself. ‘If you can think it you can print it’, says Cubify.

The great William Gibson once said that:’ the future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed’. Indeed, that statement would seem to apply quite well to Cubify’s 3D printer because the technology that Cubify utilises has existed for years. And yet, it isn't until now that their futuristic home appliance is widely available and here to slap us in our unwitting faces.

Some of us have been complaining that we don’t have stuff like consumer jetpacks and hoverboards despite the fact that it's 2012, but this little technological marvel would appear to be equipped with the power to shut us up. Or at least keep us going until they find a replacement for this somewhat shoddy-looking hoverboard.

What will they think of next, eh?