Copenhagen's New Blue Planet Aquarium


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Copenhagen just gained a new architectural icon, located on the waterfront just outside the city. From above it has the shape of a whirlpool. From the ground it looks more like a huge whale that washed up on the shore. The intricate and very 'liquid-y' geometry is constructed by casting concrete around a steel skeleton, before covering it with sheets of aluminum, which all have diamond shapes in same dimensions. This has the added benefit of making the totality of the construction look like fish scales. Yes, it's a sight to behold.

The Blue Planet aquarium is created by the Copenhagen based studio 3XN. It consists of a foyer in the center with more than 60 aquariums distributed in the building's wings. In addition, it contains an auditorium and office facilities for the employees.

With 9000 square meters and around 7 million liters of water, the Blue Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and contains a total of 53 aquariums and displays, housing over 450 different species of fish and creatures that can be found in rivers, lakes and oceans. The biggest aquarium contains 4 million liters of salt water, hammerhead sharks, rays and an appealing blue adventure world.

All in all, this looks pretty spectacular and should make even the most hardened cynic gawp in amazement. We suggest you put it on your to-visit list.