Club Feature: Get Deep/About Blank

by Emil


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Get Deep

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The monthly Get Deep party at About/Blank has become a rather legendary night. The line up is always killer (Floating Points, Prins Thomas, and Caribou are previous selectors), the club full euphoric people and the big garden behind the venue is just perfect for warm summer nights. I caught up with the GD crew to ask about the secret behind their success only to find out that Ping-Pong is king…

Floating Points, Prins Thomas and Caribou all have one thing in common: they've played at Berlin's Get Deep night at the About Blank club. Here's what Nano Nansen, Charlie Smooth, DJ Xing, Leon Lambada, Flamea had to say about their club, the recipe for a successful club and life in Berlin.

Why and when did you start get deep?

We started Get Deep in the summer of 2009. We already had a couple of DJ gigs together and we noticed that we enjoy both similar music and spending time together. So one day our great graphic designer and even better DJ - Nano Nansen - brought us all together and said "I have an idea - let's make our own party". We had a certain vision of artists that we want to book and play along with, which were not that often to see in Berlin. The main motivation was and still is fascination about music.

What is the idea/concept?

The main idea was to book the artists we like and make a combination of quite famous but also rather unknown artists, which have great potential, and next to them the coolest Berlin local DJs. As time passes more and more of the artists who
were unknown back then have received a broad public recognition. Four years ago not too many people knew about San Soda and Genius Of Time, but look at them now.
A main point of our philosophy is that we are not doing it primarily because of economic interests. Even though people don't always realise our philosophy, somehow they feel this is not a rip off party. Usually we spend all the money on great bookings and flights for the international artists and if there's anything left we buy helium balloons, origamis or video projectors to entertain our visitors. This Saturday there will be Axel Boman, Moomin, Tobias Gullberg and Jan Brauer with lots of Glühwein for free.

Why about/blank – is there special connection:

About Blank is in our opinion one of the coolest clubs in Berlin. They have a great sound system, a beautiful garden in the summer, a regular crowd of music nerds, who appreciate what we do and also enough rooms for our eccentric ideas.
The club just opened a couple of months before we started the project. Our first party took place there and as things went quite good we got invited to do a monthly event. Both About Blank and Get Deep were absolutely unknown so the plan was to grow together. 4 Years every month in About Blank and we didn't get enough - this must be a good sign.
We are very thankful to the whole About Blank crew for their support, recognition and creative freedom. Although we as DJs play more and more often in different clubs the Get Deep parties are to stay in About Blank for the future.

What do you think about the club scene in Berlin at the moment; good, bad, interesting..?

The club scene here is simply amazing and one of the best in the world. The situation is similar with New York in the end of the 70s. The clubs are great but what makes the scene so special are the people. There are just so many talented boys and girls in the city that one can exchange, get inspired from and build networks with. We are so happy to call people like BrandtBrauerFrick, Tobias Gullberg, Peter Power, Baby G, The Rimshooters, Snuff Crew, the Fin de Siecle and Geradehaus crews our friends. The list is endless. It's an amazing Zeitgeist and we're very glad to be active here and now.
Cheap life standard, relaxed authorities, lots of creative space and talented people - what more can you want from a metropole?

Some Germans complain about the overload of tourists coming to Berlin, what is your take on that?

We never complained about that. Besides we have a tourist in the crew. Charlie Smooth is Bulgarian and he is on a permanent vacation here for ten years already. Berlin just wouldn't be the same without the tourists and the international people. And it would be probably a lot poorer than it is now.

Has there been a “perfect” get deep moment or/and what has been the best experience so far?

It's hard to compare our parties. We love them all... Although there was one time in the summer of 2011 when MCDE played for us for the first time. Flamea announced he wants to retire from organizing events, because that was such a beautiful party that it just can't get no better. As ironic as life can be, the event one month later went even better.

Music aside, what is the key element to a successful night?

Devotion, being relaxed, enjoy what you do, spread good vibes... It is also very important as promoter to lift your hand in the air at the peak moments.

Your line up is always impressive – how do you decide on bookings?

We play ping - pong tournaments and the winner books his favourites. DJ Xing is the best at ping - pong, but Nano and Charlie are quite good also.

Can you tell me a little about the upcoming parties? Bookings, new things?

On the 2nd february we are hosting Axel Boman, Moomin, Tobias Gullberg and Jan Brauer. The next event will be on the 6th of April, which is Charlie Smooth's birthday party. We'll be hosting Kleine Reise records' peril Peter Power and the lovely Baby G, there will also be a couple of other acts and one of them is massive, but we don't want to reveal it all yet.

I always ask the people I interview for a Berlin tip – restaurant, bar, art thing, shop or whatever. What is your recommendation:

Clubs: About Blank, Loftus Hall, Wilde Renate, Panorama Bar
Bars: The Zone, Bohnengold, Cafe Futuro, Farbfernseher
Record shops: Audio In, Oye, Hardwax.
Restaurants: Kimchi Princess, Trattoria Libau, Mützenbacher, Edelweiss

Get Deep, Saturday 2nd February.


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