Click Festival This Weekend in Elsinore

by Ulrik


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Click Festival

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Are you going? If not, what's wrong with you? Have you seeeeen the line-up? Matthew Dear, Hype Williams, Canblaster, Lil B, Kenton Slash Demon and Clark, among others. In other words, shit’s going down in Hamlet’s old stomping grounds.

Not sure what happened here because this ‘New Arts & Media festival’ sort of just popped up out of nowhere. We’d seen a few, early flyers floating around the internet, but the final line up is almost too good to be true. Placed in the relatively small city of Elsinore, which is roughly a half-hour drive outside of Copenhagen, the inaugural Click Festival sure does look like it could finally get Copenhagen’s fairly stationary music lovers out of the city and sweep them off their Nike-wearing feet.

So yeah, this weekend it’s all about the Click Festival. We want to see everything, of course, but that’s highly unrealistic considering our age and proclivity for staying in the same place (the bar) for longer periods of time. With that in mind, here are our absolute essentials. The music that’s so good it can actually drag us out of our comfy Copenhagen chairs and off our asses when we’ve sat ourselves down again at the venue (next to the bar).

Thursday (tonight):

Kind of on the fence about this one because the main machine-music man from London, the all-conquering Boddika is actually playing at Dunkel tonight. On the other hand it would also be a shame to miss Murcof Antivj who are Mexican, electronic producer Murcof teamed up with French visual artist Simon Geilfus from the art collective Antivj. It’s a choice between a full-on post-dubstep, future boogie bass assault from Boddika and the mesmerizing 3D visuals and ambient, otherworldly drones from Murcof + Antivj. Yup, it’s not an easy choice.


Tomorrow there can be only one. Choice. And that choice is to head for Elsinore and party like it’s 2099. Our list of recommendations reads as follows:

Get things off to a flying start with the Copenhagen-based masters of the eclectisist beat, the turntablism sensation that is Den Sorte Skole.

After that dose of heavy, forward-thinking hip hop, electro, cumbia, obscure world music, and god knows what else, you should be ready to for one of the main events, the ‘weird-o-emcee’ from Berkeley California AKA Lil B.

And then…it’s time to feast your ears on the slickest motherfucker on the block, our favorite black-haired avant-pop phenomenon, the stylish gent known as Matthew Dear. Ghostly International’s finest will be performing without a live-band, which is just as well because his skills on the wheels of steel are the stuff that (intensely warped) dreams are made of. This one’s a must-see.

France, it would seem, are all about pushing the hard, dark and melodic techno agenda at the moment. Case in point are labels like Sound Pellegrino, and dudes like Gesaffelstein and Canblaster, the latter of which will no doubt set everyone’s ass on fire with his stealthy dance music from Mars. Canblaster will be performing with local hero and up-and-coming, international name Julius Sylvest for a double-whammy of epic proportions. Check it.

Our final recommendation for Friday are none other than Copenhagen’s dance music flagship. Yes indeed, it’s the spaced out, conceptual house duo, Kenton Slash Demon. Their live set up is getting pretty powerful, so you’d best not fold under the pressure and go home before the boys unleash their four-to-the-floor fury in the city of Elsinore.


You know Clark? The guy that took Warp into the new millennium 10 years ago and has been pushing at the boundaries of electronic music ever since? Well, he’s playing on Saturday. Here he is doing his ting live in the Boiler Room.

Byetone, the co-founder of the esteemed Raster Noton label will be treating the Click audience to a session featuring his incomparable brand of sharp, experimental and distinctive electronic sound.

And then it’s time to see one of the world’s best underground acts, the one and only Hype Williams. A firm AIAIAI favorite and lauded darlings of the hepcat music press, Hype Williams stoned brand of freaky lo-fi-outsider whatever-pop, has taken all music nerds by storm. This is actually the duo’s second appearance on Danish soil. If you missed them the first time, make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Fool.

And Heidi Mortenson is always worth a watch, if nothing else because her latest album is a subtly thrilling journey into uncompromising electronic music.

The mysterious LHF have proved to be one of the more interesting players on the ever-evolving UK bass Scene. With the album ‘Keepers of The Light’ they’ve made a name for themselves, which is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy the hell out of the Click Festival. Also, you need to keep in mind that there are countless talks, installations and other arty goings on before the music starts. Check out the full programme here .