Christine Sun Kim Explores the Physicality of Sound

by Ulrik


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Christine Sun Kim

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And does it in a rather thought-provoking way that asks profound questions about the fundamental nature of sound. Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim examines the physical aspects of our favorite medium to make it more inclusive to everyone – including people who can’t actually hear it.

It goes without saying that hearing sound is second nature to us. As we’re a company that aim to make headphones look and sound great, we’ve probably not given the deaf side of the equation a great deal of thought. Cue New York-based artist Christine Sun Kim whose mission of ‘unlearning sound etiquette’ articulates areas of the sound continuum that have, to the best of our knowledge, previously remained relatively untouched.

Growing up deaf, Kim initially didn’t pay much attention to sound. But then people imposed their sound universe on her by demanding that she stopped doing certain things, which interfered with their sound etiquette.

Years later, this was one of the experiences that went into shaping her installations, which aim to take ownership of sound in a way that includes everyone, and turns the medium on its head

The end result, we think you'll agree, provides a fair amount of food for thought.