CALIFORNIA GAMES: AIAIAI & Drum Machine Party Get the Eff Down in Melbourne

by Ulrik


Music , Parties


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If we were filthy rich, the first thing we would do would be to get our butts on the first plane to Melbourne where AIAIAI Australia are hosting what looks set to be a grade-A get-down.

‘California Games’ is the name of this most promising club night that gives you: ‘An aural and visual journey into Boogie,80s Hip Hop, Disco Rap, Go Go, 80s soul, Miami Bass, Real electro, Boogie Funk, Loft Classics, Proto House, G Funk and 808 classics’ – all played off live drum machines, of course.

Local badasses like DANIELSAN and wave-making, electro-funk stallion, Julien Love, are on the bill, so there’s really no excuse for not making it down to the Laundry Bar on the 3rd of September. A night of hot, liquid magma-funk awaits the steezy brothers and sizzling sisters who make the righteous choice…of immersing themselves in THE FUNK.