Buraka Som Sistema Rocking TMA-1s @ Boiler Room Lisboa

by Ulrik


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There ain’t no party like a Buraka Som Sistema Party. If you’ve never witnessed one of their bass-y, Angolan Kuduro-fueled sets you really are missing out, my friend. Watch and learn as the Lisbon-based lecturers teach us how to throw it down with piercing sirens, merciless beats and aggro MCing.

I’ve always thought that the sound of Buraka Som Sistema is the sound of the apocalypse. In the best possible way, of course. There’s something delightfully sinister about the way that these Portuguese masters of the exotic, syncopated bass bypass all notions of musical decency and go straight for the fucking jugular.

In this Red Bull Music Academy takeover at the ever excellent Boiler Room, the boys come armed with a menacing setlist that will intimidate your parents and provide you with a welcome slap in the face on this grey Monday in February.