Brian Eno Presents SCAPE: A New Music-making App for iPad

by Ulrik


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Prior to the release of his new album, 'Lux', ambient music’s main originator presents a new ‘generative’ App that lets you create music. Music that’s not completely within your control. Confused? Click on the pic and let Eno explain.

Brian Eno, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is the man who reinvented music back in the 70s. Tired of loud, brash, in-your face-isms, he developed a new theory of sound that focused on the background rather than the foreground.

This new way of going about things would go on to be called ‘ambient music’ and was at the time a revolutionary new way of conceptualizing music production. Today, some forty years later, the word ambient has been subjected to the inevitable watering-down of its essential expressions, spawning an insufferable amount of ambiently ‘serene’, soft-spoken, self-help DVDs that promise to heal the wounds of your inner child.

But that shouldn’t distract you from the real deal; back in the day Eno was operating at the forefront of electronic music and the appeal of his spaced-out compositions hasn’t diminished in the slightest.

Furthermore, the creation of a new iPad App that: ‘makes music that thinks for itself, by focusing on combining elemental sounds to create music anew after each use’ seems very much in line with the Enoian project as:’The result isn't under the user's direct control, and instead plays based on the scene you've created.’ It is, in other words, about allowing yourself to let go instead of trying to control things with your foreground-focused ego.

So sit back, relax and let yourself hypnotise (in an un-self help-like way) by Eno as he takes you through the different steps of the new SCAPE App.

Via Warp Records