Brenmar and MikeQ rock the TMA-1 Carhartt Edition at Boiler Room New York

by Ulrik


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Boiler Room

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Watch and learn as Brenmar and MikeQ throw it down in a bassy, bouncy, XXX-rated stylee.

It’s always hard to say who or what started a musical trend, but Brenmar is definitely at the forefront of the whole fast and bouncy, bassy, potty-mouthed, ghetto-tech thing that has people doing gunfingers, bringing, airhorns and rocking goldchains at the party. Other than that, he’s an almost inconceivably dexterous selector whose combination of raunchy, 90s party bangers with crisp, cutting-edge beats creates the sort of environment where you feel like a bit of an asshole if you don’t get down, quite frankly. Check the main man Brenmar as he rocks a white towel like Evander Holyfield and the TMA-1 Carhartt like a champ.

MikeQ of Fade to Mind fame is an interesting proposition. One of the leading figures of the US's long-running ballroom/vogue-house culture, the 27-year-old New Jersey-based, rising producer/DJ manages his own “Qween Beat” Label. In other word, MikeQ knows what he’s doing. He also just talked us up on Twitter, which earns him quite a few brownie points. Plus, he starts a pillow fight during the set, which you don’t see very often.

All in all, this is a pretty tight and rowdy set that’s never boring and always very clever.