Bonobo Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room



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REWIIIIIIIIIIIND! Ninjatune mainstay, Bonobo, sure does know how to light the fires of an already sizzling Boiler Room.

Not quite sure how we managed to miss this momentous set from last summer. But we did. Let us speak no more of the missing of sets.

Bonobo is one of those artists who strikes the perfect balance between tapping the general and the particular – that is to say he performs the paradoxical act of tapping into the zeitgeist while shaping a singular sound on the majority of his awesome releases. His prolific output on Ninjatune is unparalleled precisely because it doesn’t really sound like anything else out there and yet he fits quite neatly into that label’s roomy pocket. So there's that.

In this Boiler Room set performed at the Ninjatune takeover, Bonobo throws in a bit of FaltyDL, a smidge of Machinedrum and Floating Points and a generous helping of #postdubstep. It’s only one click away, so go ahead and excuse yourself from reading ….NOW.

P.S. is that the lovely Nightwave we spy in the lefthand corner?