Black Magic Boman

by Emil


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I got to know Axel Boman a few years ago in Berlin and we have kept contact ever since. Besides being a great producer and DJ, he is a decent guy with a very sympathetic outlook on the world – and he loves eating hotdogs in Christiania. Adorable!

Like myself, Axel is not a fan of January:

Emil: How’s life?

Axel Boman:Every year the Swedish winter surprises me with being a little more horrific than the one before and right now in the middle of my traditional self-hate marathon. this year I’m trying to cure myself with eating loads of fruit, running even though its -10 outside, drinking enormous amounts of beer and crying. but I’m also in the studio a lot!

E: What is the best thing about being Swedish?

AB: Hmmm difficult question. I used to be proud of Sweden, its social democracy the welfare and stuff but the far right wing party is gaining more and more power. We fail to take care of our old, our sick and our poor. Banks are getting richer and richer. Violence and crime is on the rise and its colder than ever here in every sense. Maybe the best thing about being Swedish is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

E: What are you working on at the moment?

AB: Just doing tracks and sketches, pretty aimlessly even though i really should be more organized but usually when I start a track and think, "this is going to be a 4 to the floor club banger" it ends up in weird-land and I don’t know what to do with it

E: What should you be working on?

AB: An EP for Pampa, my album, finally finishing that remix for Kann Records and another remix for Swedish EBM group agent side grinder

E: Can you tell me a little about your upcoming album?

AB: Hopefully it will be a mix of weird tracks on both sides of the house-line, where one side is dance mania meets Jim Morrison and the other side is Phil Spector meets dj Muggs. Obviously worse music than they would make but that’s the ambition!

Oh and my Black Magic Boman EP is out early Feb on Hypercolour..

Axel is playing at the big Culture Box bday party January 11th.