Björk Biophilia Residency in New York

by Ulrik


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Continuing her exploration of the link between, human beings, nature and technology, the Icelandic songstress announces the next step in her ambitious Biophilia project: a ten-night residency in New York.

You have to hand it to Björk. Throughout her illustrious career she’s managed to stay true to her singular vision while simultaneously morphing into spectacular new shapes and sounds. Her latest project is no less impressive and further cements her status as a one of the true innovators of the new decade.

The awe-inspiring Biophilia project is an ’app album’, meaning that it’s made up of a number of song-specific apps, which are all contained within one ‘mother app’. The system effectively allows users to interactively use the various parts and structures of her music to create their own version of Björks vision, as it were. Through creative remixing of Biophilia’s elements, Björk’s original material takes on eclectic new meanings.

Interestingly, this summer’s 200th issue of Dazed & Confused that Björk guest edited, saw Björk making the remarkable claim that a ‘collaboration’ between human beings and nature has to occur if we’re to get to the end of this century. In this way, 'Biophilia' can be seen as Björk's furthering of a progressive agenda that takes a bold, new look at the way we perceive the relationship between nature and technology.

And the Biophilia performances in New York look set to be particularly dazzling as they includes a 10-foot pendulum-harps, a midi-controlled pipe organ celeste re-fitted with bronze gamelan bars, and twin musical tesla coils. And that’s without mentioning the Icelandic choir…

Björk is obviously starting off 2012 with a bang. Get your tickets while you can.

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