Binary Prints by Alex Trochut



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Binary Prints

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Conveying duality through two-dimensional work on paper, illustrator and designer Alext Trochut has made a series of prints that feature some of the most remarkable electronic musicians of our time, such as James Murphy, Caribou, Four Tet, Acid Pauli, John Talabot and Lucy. Truchot has invented a process through which separate images can be shown on one surface: one that appears in light and one that appears in the dark.

There’s no doubt that this concept becomes that extra bit interesting and buzz-worthy because of its high-profile, hip collaborators. That said, the stated aim of articulating both sides of the musician is in itself a captivating idea that warrants further exploration.

In Trochut’s words, ‘these nocturnal portraits ‘wake up’ in the dark, just as the DJs “come alive” at night, as do audiences under the spell of music.’

And you know what? That actually sounds refreshingly honest to these ears. Kudos to Truchot for immortalizing - and just plain taking seriously - a culture that’s often (wrongly) dismissed by certain parties as superficial and retreatist. Dance music culture does of course hold a special place in the collective AIAIAI heart and seeing well-executed concepts that dare to revere electronic music’s heroes get's a raver’s hi5 from us. Also, the fact that the prints have a little bit of a 90s blacklight vibe about them doesn’t hurt their likeability here at AIAIAI HQ.

So thumbs up, Alex. Check out the Binary Prints site for some changing light Vs. dark action.