BEYOND – A Short Film by Raphael Rogers

by Ulrik


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Raphael Rogers

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- is an interesting, little independent sci-fi flick with a strong concept, inspiring digital effects….and somewhat mediocre acting. But don’t let the latter deter from watching these 8 minutes of skillfully crafted sci-fi.

The plot is in itself an interesting exorcise in alternative story-telling: ‘Arya is the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code that grants the ability to survive the folding of temporal and spatial boundaries... In short, she can teleport. Tasked with exploring new planets, she is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from.’

And the digital effects are more or less spot on. In any case, we’d be very interested to see what the director, Raphael Rogers, can do with a bigger budget.

Check out BEYOND and salivate over a generous helping of sensuous space porn.