Behind the Scenes of the Nine Inch Nails Tour



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Nine Inch Nails

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In honor of AIAIAI’s fervent NIN fanboys Kasper and Andy here’s an in-depth look into the magnitude, complexity and technology of the new Nine Inch Nails tour. As you might expect, Trent Reznor doesn’t mess around.

To be honest, the amount of things that can go wrong in this set up is enough to give you a few nervous twitches. Luckily, Trent (who’s clearly been through a bit of heavy weight lifting), is a man who surrounds himself with what seems like a very capable team of production managers, Art Directors, Lighting Engineers, Set Choreographers, and musicians.

And you get the feeling that this is a well-oiled machine ready to respond swiftly and efficiently to most of the challenges that can present themselves over the course of a world tour.

It also looks like they put on a pretty tight show - and one that fully realizes Trent Reznor's majestically murky overall vision. Check out the video and keep up to date with the Nine Inch Nails touring schedule here.