Beck Covers David Bowie’s Sound and Vision Tonight at 20th Century Fox Studios



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Tonight is the night that Beck Hansen reinterprets and performs David Bowie’s classic ‘Sound and Vision’ in collaboration with 170 musicians. Taking place on a specially constructed circular stage and working within a multi-directional sound environment, the performance will explore the possibilities of perspective and sound movement surrounding the audience. This rather spectacular concept will be recorded using 360º equipment and shown online February 10th.

It’s nice to hear interesting new stuff from Beck. He’s clearly come a long way since he first shot on to the MTV radar with ‘slacker’ attitude and funny hats. You could even argue that this once very grungy youth has evolved into a snake-hipped cosmopolitan troubadour, and this is the side of him we expect to see when he goes on stage tonight to perform and reinterpret a David Bowie classic.

The concept itself looks refreshingly set on exploring what technology can bring to art and we’re pretty excited to see where this goes in terms of sound and vision.

Check out the teaser video above and stay tuned for an update in this very space.