Beats in Space on Wax

by Rasmus




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TMA-1 tester Tim Sweeney's legendary radio show gets its own label.

You would think that a man whose radio show hasn't missed a single week of airtime over the course of its 12 year lifetime would be as reliable as clockwork. Yet in 2009, when Tim Sweeney announced his plans for the Beats In Space record label, nothing much happened. Rumours surfaced, releases did not.

Fast forward two years, and Sweeney is about to release BIS001 to the masses. With stories about house-powerhouse (and Beats in Space-favorite) Tensnake getting his tracks turned down, expectations for the first tangible Beats In Space release are certainly high. And while picking a high-profile act for the inaugural release would've been an easy way to kick things off with a buzz, Sweeney instead opted to release the debut single from the French duo Paradis.

The cover may lead you to think that you're in for a psychedelic treatment, yet the two tracks fall under a much more chilled out branch of techno. There are organic overtones, sure, but it's the constant balance between the blueish vocals and the sterile keys that makes Paradis worth paying attention to. If you expected house flavors from Mr. Sweeney, the first release on Beats In Space will leave you wanting. But even though this veers away from Sweeney's usual path, it's both brilliantly crafted and a perfect fit in terms of mood for long Tuesday nights. You can get a sneak peak at "La Ballade De Jim" - a cover of French (with a capital 'f') 80s artist Alain Souchon - right here and pick up the 12" from RVNG