Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window album is now Available for Streaming

by Ulrik


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Aphex Twin

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Following a Kickstarter campaign resurrecting the electronic legend’s long lost LP as Caustic Window, that very same album is finally here in digital soundwaves.

Remembering the fact that Richard D. James is just a person can sometimes be a little difficult. The cult-like adoration from electronic music fans everywhere has long since made the hyping internet rumour mill go into hyperdrive. Moreover, identifying the line between fact and fiction in this blurry age of internet ‘truth’ is more often than not a little challenging.

Is it for example true that Richard D drives a tank around his pastoral Cornwall homelands? And does he build his own idiosyncratically engineered synths from scratch? To be totally honest, we’re not completely sure. One thing we do know, however, is that the Aphex Twin sound is like nothing else out there. His unique compositional signature and propensity for making machines whirr and purr in brutally bittersweet and ultimately incredibly pleasing ways somehow permeates everything he does.

We’d even go so far as to say that quite a few of the tracks on this rediscovered gem puts that same Aphex’d-out grin our faces that vintage Richard D. James joints would cause back in the day.

The Cornish, ponytailed, tank-driving menace does it again. Stream the whole thing above.