An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things

by Ulrik


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Dennis P. Paul

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If any and all objects could be used as a musical instrument what would you choose to rock the world with? A Ninja Turtles action figure? A slice of Roquefort cheese? That may sound a bit weird, but it’s actually a very real possibility as interaction designer Dennis P Paul has created this amazing contraption that scans surfaces of objects and transforms them into audible, rhythmic frequencies.

In the words of Dennis, the instrument: ‘rotates everyday things, scans their surfaces, and transforms them into audible frequencies. A variety of everyday objects can be mounted into the instrument. Their silhouettes define loops, melodies and rhythms. Thus mundane things are reinterpreted as musical notation.’

From what we can deduct, the possibilities are endless, meaning that you can use anything from household appliances to smartphones in the efforts to create your very own badman riddim. Moreover, it goes to show that exploring/combining different media of sound is an area that still holds a vast potential.