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Plant Music
All Dom Wrong

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And it’s a highly satisfying journey into sophisticated & sexxxed-up, slo-mo evening vibes that gazes deeply into the mirror ball, but never gets lost. In Plant Music founder, Dominique Keegan’s world, it’s seemingly summer all year round and everyone rocks ruffled white suits and vintage Versace dresses while partying on a rooftop overlooking a vast tropical vista where palms trees sway in time with the beat of the Plant Music drum.

If New York’s Plant Music has managed to evade your music radar so far, there’s no need to panic. The label has focused on keeping things tight and together, rather than sped-up and spectacular resulting in a string of quality 12” and a slew of interesting parties in the Lower Eastside.

But now it would seem that the established blogosphere are finally getting hip to the Plant music sound with Vice spin-off, Noisey, repping Plant-signees, Clubfeet, and Discobelle bigging up their labelmate, DJ Wool, to name a few recent features.

Enjoy the AIAIAI Mix from All Dom Wrong. It sounds quite right.