AIAIART Session #4: HuskMitNavn

by Mattia


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It gives us no small amount of childlike joy to feature Copenhagen street art legend huskmitnavn in the AIAIART series. As some of you may remember, we once did a USB project with the very same artist a few years back and it’s no secret that we’ve always been fans of his subtle, quirky and very often straight up hilarious work.

In this interview Jesper maps out the lengthy, on-going relationship between the V1 Gallery and HuskMitNavn while providing an insightful analysis of his work and a description of the great man’s latest exhibition at V1.

The work of HuskMitNavn is fascinating, perhaps even curious in the way that it manages to stay fresh, relevant and current despite the lack of major changes in the signature aesthetic. His drawings, large-scale prints and paintings seemingly touch on some form of human universality without ever erring on the side of pretense and over-intricacy.

And the depicted situations are recognizable to the point of being painfully everyday, but it’s as if there’s some form of comforting humanity in seeing the bullshit that you yourself deal with up there on the canvas. It’s a friendly little slap in the face and a prescient reminder that most of us could do with chilling the fuck out from time to time.

If you’re new to HuskMitNavn and wondering why he’s not the one being interviewed, we can tell you that he never ever shows his face. Like, never. We faintly remember him saying something about too much noise in the public space and that he didn’t want to add to that, but we also get the distinct feeling that it helps him keep things a little mysterious and exiting – which is all good, of course.

The Huskmitnavn exhibition 'One of These Days' is open at V1 until the 16th of February...So get a move on, son!