AIAIART Session #1: Basco5

by Mattia


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For our first art session (AKA filmed art interview) we rendezvous'd with Nørrebro's best kept art secret, the one and only BASCO5.

Basco5 is a pretty interesting dude. The Canadian-born, Copenhagen-based artist has made a name for himself by creating a remarkable body of colourful work where sinister, primitivist cartoon bunnies, tattooed Nørrebro badasses and naively cute animate objects make up a universe that is, if nothing else, very unique.

It's not that there aren't similarities with other street artists (the great Richard Colman comes to mind), but we would make the case that the BASCO5 style is quintessentially BASCO5; It's very much his own and it's hard to shake once you've been exposed to his powerfully idiosyncratic watercolour-based work.

Check out the video and witness the fitness.