AIAIART: Scott Greenwalt

by Ulrik


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Scott Greenwalt

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This Oakland-based artist ‘s trippy paintings display a noteworthy degree of technical proficiency and an overwhelming amount of dark delectability .

Scott Greenwalt’s art is a about the moment within change. His large-scale paintings show semi-abstract/semi-recognisable shapes captured at a certain point time where they find themselves in a state of decay, transition and transmutation. Like the faces and shapes of a half-forgotten dream, Greenwalt’s subjects feel familiar and alien at the same time - and his exploration of structure and shape create a delectable absurdity that you can’t help become both mystified and enthralled by. As Greenwalt puts it, his paintings:’ depict a glimpse into another dimension where familiar forms take on alien qualities.’

While the American artist’s aesthetic may not be for everyone, we suspect it probably speaks to the sort of person who likes to be challenged in his/her preconceptions about contemporary painting . And if you’re that sort of type, you’ll find a lot to explore in Greenwalt’s trippy universe. Besides, when an artist displays this kind of impeccable craftsmanship, it’s hard not to surrender your cynicism and give way to straight up gushing admiration.

Greenwalt is currently showing at San Francisco’s FFDG Gallery, so get yourself down there if you happen to be in the area.

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