AIAIART: Richard Colman

by Ulrik


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Richard Colman

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We’ve been fans of this prolific San Francisco-based artist for quite some time, making a post on his outstanding work long overdue.

The first thing you notice with Richard Colman's work is that you get a lot of wow-factor. The combination of themes of ancient ritualism/ occult symbolism with bright, striking colours and stone-faced protagonists can even leave you reeling after the first encounter with the artist’s exceptional aesthetic. It’s quite simply a mountain of information to take in and often contradictory information at that. People vomiting rainbows, iconic bears and colorful geometric shapes coalesce through the artist’s singular creativity and produce a remarkably focused and coherent vision considering the seemingly disparate elements that make up the Colman universe.

Working in both large and smaller scale in a variety of different mediums, Colman has said that he doesn’t feel comfortable churning out the same themes and shapes over and over, resulting in a collected body of work that displays a rapidly continuing evolution, albeit with certain similar motifs (geometric abstraction, patterns and rainbow palettes), which appear sporadically through the majority of the work.

And although the American artist’s background in graffiti is no more than a vague, faint echo in the art that he’s currently producing, we would claim that it’s still there somewhere on the canvases. There is, for lack of a better word, a certain immediate rawness and intuitive use of color that would suggest a past somewhere in the world of street art.

Colman’s work has actually been displayed quite a few times here in Denmark at places like V1 and close to us at the great Krets gallery in Malmö. However, we wouldn’t mind if we could get another chance to view the art live. Hopefully, someone in Scandinavia will get around booking him again sooner than later.