AIAIART: Hans Went to Bakken

by Hans


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This week's post from Copenhagen-based creative Hans Bærholm is a sort of visual diary from the world's oldest operating amusement park called Bakken. Placed in northern Copenhagen, it's only open during spring/summer, which you can probably tell from the melancholy, people-less images.

What many Danes don't know is that the origins of Dyrehavsbakken, (as it's also known) has been traced back to 1583 when a woman called Kirsten Piil found a natural spring in what is presently known as Dyrehaven, a large forest park north of Copenhagen.

Copenhageners were attracted to the spring because of the questionable water quality ( it was the 16th century after all) in the area. Some believed that the spring water has had healing properties, which is why Piil's discovery drew large crowds, especially in the springtime - when Bakken opens its doors today. These large crowds attracted entertainers, revellers - and probably a few conmen - whose activity began the origins of Bakken.

That was a little Friday trivia for you there. Today, Bakken is for the most part overrun by stoned teenagers, suburban families and red-faced, elderly gentlemen who like to have a drink while eyeing up barmaids and shouting randomly at no one in particular.

But Hans' snapshots of the place where most of us Danes have all been at some point in our lives is a pleasantly melancholy reminder of our childhood.

Have a nice weekend...