AIAIART: Charles Bergquist’s ‘Everyday Project’

by Ulrik


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Artist, director, designer and photographer, San Diego-based creative Charles Berquist is an innovative jack of all trades who manages the rare feat of mastering it all. Teaming up with our American pals over at Ghostly International, the talented visualist has created a series of hazy, enigmatic prints for Ghostly’s expanding, new label of visual artists.

Calling Charles Bergquist’s resumé remarkable would make a grave understatement. With promo videos for artists like Matthew Dear under his director’s belt and collaborations with Tycho and Caribou placed snugly in his growing portfolio, it’s clear that we’re not dealing with your garden variety creative who likes to dabble in disciplines.

Quite the contrary; the multitalented Berquist has created a thoroughly committed body of work imbued with recognizable themes that run as an elegant red thread throughout his art. On the other hand, when the output is examined up close and personal, the wide range of expressions still display a remarkably variety if scrutinized one piece at a time.

One of the first things that strike you when confronted with Charles Berquist’s ‘Everyday Project’ is its unintrusive if not slightly elusive character that almost makes you want to physically reach into the work for the voluptuous mirage that seems just out of reach of mere mortals.

'In Time'


This is thoroughly inviting, if not seductive imagery that plays a subtle game with the senses and poses a few pressing questions about the intangible nature of reality in the process. If Bergquist had gone a gone a different aesthetic route and aimed to create unrealistic utopias, to make us dream of a better place far away, it would perhaps err on the side of the beaten path of 80s holiday posters. But there’s always a clever subversion of the pastoral at play, which places the heavily processed images in an intersection where meaning is negotiated, probed and tried and this is precisely what makes you return to ponder the works time and time again. In our humble opinions, if there's any justice in the world, you'll be hearing a whole lot more of the name Bergquist in the coming years.



Kudos to Ghostly for snapping up 'Everyday Projects' and making them available to us at the Ghostly store.