AIAIAI x Fool's Gold Launch @ Precinct 5 in Amsterdam



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Precinct 5

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We’re pleased, proud and ever so slightly peppy. And the reason for this is that we’re just about to launch our latest headphone, the Fool’s Gold limited edition TMA-1!

That’s right, the rising A-Trak/Nick Catchdubs-managed label have added their characteristic electronic, hip hop panache (as well as some striking new DJ features) to the TMA-1 and it looks a treat. Needless to say, the beginning of this new joint venture cannot and will not go quietly into the night. Which is why we’re inviting you to take part in what’s bound to be a memorable night in celebration of our new baby.

Tonight, the 19th of October, the nice people at suave Amsterdam store Precinct 5 will open their doors to the AIAIAI x Fool’s Gold launch. Rogerseventytwo from the Fool’s Gold label will share the wheels of steel with our friend and TMA-1 developer, Tomas Barfod, the severity of which is not to be taken lightly. Everyone knows Rogerseventytwo has mad skills and Tomas just played a storming set at Berghain, so watch out for some fiery deck steez.

But all things being equal, this is your chance to get a good look at the new Fool’s Gold limited edition TMA-1. So take a look at the flyer and join us tonight @ Precinct 5 for beats, drinks and cans.

TMA-1 Fool's Gold Edition