AIAIAI @ Roskilde 2012

by Ulrik


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Because weee ! Aaaaaare! Your friends! And weee! Have a booth at Ros-kilde, so come on! That’s right, we’ve just set up shop in the infamous hedonistic playground and we want you to come and say hi.

Crikey, have you seen the line up for this year’s Roskilde Festival? It’s pretty goddamn tight, if you’ll pardon my French. Moreover, if you’re not averse to excellent music and having stimulant-fueled fun with people who are out there to drink and shout randomly at no one in particular, we highly recommend going.

But I digress. The purpose of this post is to alert you to the fact that we will be selling our stuff in the booth that we just set up yesterday in the Roskilde Sonic Zone, so if you happen to be in need of some nice headphones and/or a t-shirt with AIAIAI logos on it, come by our shop where we will offer you amiable, non-judgmental conversation and maybe even a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek in case you happen to be caught in one of those dreaded mid-Roskilde slumps. It’s about the love.

We'll also be selling the AIAIAI x Roskilde festival Collab, which is a package containing one pair of Tracks headphones and a Roskilde stuff sack that makes an apt container for your personal assortment of Roskilde essential, i.e. the eclectic collection of objects and artifacts that puts the icing on the cake that is your festival experience.

See you at the booth in the Sonic Zone!