AIAIAI Presents: The Sound Taxi Project in Moving Images



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Yuri Suzuki

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What happens when a Danish headphone company, a Japanese sound artist and his team of creative helpers join forces to create a taxi that records the noise of London and turns it into music when driving around the streets of England's capital? Check out this short film and you're bound to find out.

The AIAIAI x Yuri Suzuku Sound Taxi project has been an interesting ride in both literal and metaphorical terms. When we first contacted Yuri many months back we didn't really have a set idea on how the project would look, feel, not to mention, sound. Everything was pretty much up in the air.

But after a comprehensive and collaborative ideation process we finally narrowed it down into the eye-catching, shiny Sound Taxi that you see before you. A vehicle that we think resonates what AIAIAI is about and showcases the ingenuity of Yuri Suzuki, Mark McKeague and the rest of the team.

Check out the video for the low-down on how it all went down in London Town or go to for more information and the opportunity to listen to the musical output of the taxi.


Yuri Suzuki: Design Direction, Concept
Matthew Kneebone: Design Direction, Concept
Mark McKeague: Interaction Design, Sound Design
Charlie Burns: Creative Production Support, Production Support
Tom Wells: Assistant
Peter Michael Willer: Creative Direction, Concept (AIAIAI)
Tobias Holz: Planner, Concept (AIAIAI)
Ulrik Ahlefeldt: Director, D.O.P, Film Editing (LUV)
Kasper Nørlund: Music Supervision (AIAIAI)
Andy Borglind: Second unit filming, Microsite (AIAIAI)