AIAIAI Mix 002: Kasper Bjørke



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Kasper Bjørke

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The second edition in the AIAIAI Mix series comes from producer/DJ/ Danish dance music don Kasper Bjørke, one of the most interesting, talented and iconic figures that contemporary Copenhagen club culture has cultivated over the last 10 to 15 years. This excellent contribution sees the seasoned selector sticking to his eclectic guns while finding a renewed, forward-looking focus that includes tracks by Pional, Daniel Avery and The Emperor Machine, among many other dark and atmospheric anthems.

Introductions to mixes usually start off by stacking up achievements of the DJ in question. However, if we were to do this comprehensively to Kasper’s career, the list would in all probability be so long that many of you wouldn’t bother reading it and just skip to the mix.

With that in mind, we'll let Kasper's work speak for itself and just say that the latest contributor to the AIAIAI mix series is our buddy Tomas Barfod’s old partner in crime, maybe even the textural yin to Tomas’ melodic yang as exemplified in their Filur project. He’s a versatile producer and DJ whose love for life-affirmingly warped dance music has taken him far and wide on the international music circuit with critically acclaimed solo albums, gigs at Panorama Bar, remixes of Trentemøller (who he also happens to manage) and an impressive slew of other zeitgeisty projects engineered to last and revisit time and time again.

Here’s what Kasper had to say about his AIAIAI mix:

As a Dj I have always enjoyed jumping from genre to genre while still trying to maintain a certain vibe or a mood throughout the night... in this mixtape I tried to make it as diverse as my dj sets can be, without going all the way back to the 70s/80s which I also love to do on certain nights. Its all quite intuitive and all tracks are fairly new and with artists and tracks that Im into.... some works for the late nights, others for the early mornings...I rarely have time to do dj mixes, but when I do, I want it to be contemporary and something you can go back to and listen to again and again. I hope you find that this one for AIAIAI has that quality... Enjoy!

Remember not to sleep on ‘Rush’, the first single taken off Kasper's new album ‘After Forever', which drops this autumn. The new single, officially released 14th April, features LA- based singer Tobias Buch who has previously added vocals on the slick DFA 12” release ‘From Inside’ by DJ Kaos, a track that you might remember hearing out and about. And, on that anticipatory note, it’s high time to press play and enjoy Kasper’s new mix: