AIAIAI @ Gallery 2013



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Copenhagen Fashion Week

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Betcha didn’t know that we plan to hit Copenhagen Fashion Week like a fashion-hungry freight train? Well, we do! And this particular audio-riffic locomotive will consist of a tight little line-up of local DJs, our latest products and quite a few fashion-specific surprises. If you’re at the Gallery fair in Forum, we think you ought to bring over your champagne glass and say hi, come have a gander at our latest products, and, check out the spectacularly swag AIAIAI Sound Taxi that we'll drive into Forum for your personal enjoyment.

If nothing else, you should make your way to the Gallery fair to, marvel at the immaculate, fashion-conscious moustache worn by our sales manager, Adam. Indeed, they say that:’ Kissing a man without a moustache is like drinking champagne without bubbles’. As most of the male contingent at AIAIAI sport some form of facial hair, that seems to be the general consensus in our bearded little, company.

But enough about beards and moustaches; this is about the fashion, goddamnit! And we can tell you that, apart from the above-mentioned activities, we plan to roll in our infamous Sound Taxi for the whole of Forum to feast their Linda Farrow-covered eyes on.

Most importantly, perhaps, we’re presenting our latest collaboration with Parisian imprint, fashion label and all-round tastemaking house of culture, Kitsuné , which we’re pretty excited about, to say the least.

Let Dan M, Eif, Kasper ‘The Main Man’ Nørlund, Kristian Rix (Leodoris) and friends take you on a journey through sartorialized sound while you peep our products and air-kiss your way through the AIAIAI booth. It is very literally FASHION, darling.

Gallery takes place at Forum Copenhagen from the 31st of January - 2nd of February.