AIAIAI Australia Presents: Luke Slater/ Planetary Assault Systems


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Luke Slater

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Hard at work and wasting no time during the Australian summer, the Aussie division of AIAIAI are cooking up big things in the fair city of Melbourne.

If you don't know Luke Slater, he was once hailed by the British music press as the saviour of electronic music. But let's face it, that honor has befallen quite a few acts over the years, so we might as well be talking about Layo & Bushwacka here. Yet the fact remains that we're not; Luke Slater has been responsible for numerous memorable anthems such as the excellent and menacing bionic body funk of 'All Exhale' from 1999:

In his Planetary Assault Systems guise he crafted some of the heaviest and greatest techno ever. This is basically the reason that Berghain was invented:

Chances are that things will get dark and dirty in Melbourne on the 28th of December, so we advise you not to sleep on this one.