AI vs. AI = AI!

by Ulrik


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Creative Machines

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Okay, this is actually pretty interesting. Cornell Creative Machines Lab made their chatbot talk to itself and the outcome was a bizarre but somehow affecting discussion(?) about unicorns and God. And probing questions from chatbot B on whether or not chatbot A wants a real body.

Somewhere around the turn of the millennium I lost interest in robot technology because what was supposed to be the future had yet to provide me with a jetpack and a holodeck. But now it would seem that ‘The Singularity’ is closer than we think. Maybe it’s just projection on my part, but doesn’t it seem like the bots are teetering on the edge of becoming sentient? Like when the circuitry is configured just right, their little bot wires will fire away and form new learning like human neurons do? Have a look and listen for yourself.