Afternoons in Utopia: Ulrich Lamsfuss

by David


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Galerie Daniel Templon

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If in Paris, make sure to swing by Galerie Daniel Templon and see the german artist Ulrich Lamsfuss' latest exhibition: Afternoons in Utopia. And also check out the video above - that Lamsfuss is an interesting guy.

What originally drew us to Lamsfuss (aside from the brilliant surname) was the slightly disturbing portrait of the slightly disturbed french writer Michel Houellebecq (top picture on the right), but as we've delved more into his work we've been completely captivated by it. His thoughts on reality and authenticity in both his works and and words are thought-provoking, one example is a quote from the video above:

'Everybody is speaking english, but everybody has only 2000 words, so how deep can a discourse go if you have that few words?'

So, if you're in Paris you should definitely check out this guy. The exhibition runs until the 21st of July at the Galerie Daniel Templon on 30 Rue de Beaubourg.

For more information on Ulrich Lamsfuss and his work, see the great Slash article - there's a link on the left.