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Ableton Push

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According to Ableton, Push is a new tangible instrument that solves an old problem: how to make a song from scratch without having computer geek skills and sticking to software and mouse as instrument.

Twelve years ago Ableton Live was released as a loop-based software music sequencer and digital audio workstation. Designed to be an instrument for live performances, Live was one of the first softwares for composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. DJs and musicians have been using it for beatmixing, as it offers a suite of controls for beatmatching and crossfading. It was also one of the first music applications to automatically beatmatch songs.

As a Live collaboration tool, Ableton now launches Push. Push enables direct composition of beats and melodies and generally makes electronic music more palpable by putting the primary rudiments of sound design into one product the size of a laptop.

In interaction Live and the 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive multicolored push pads gives nearly endless opportunities of play and trigger sounds, editing and combining sequences, navigating and looping – all at once. Push is like a conductors baton - a live multi-controlling instrument.

The button layout adapts to the track you have selected, along with a touch strip, 11 touch-sensitive endless encoders with a four-line LCD to show what you're working with. In addition it features a bevy of knobs and buttons, and ports for foot switches to add even more possibilities. Ableton actually achieved to design a new way to play notes and chords in a way that makes it easier to be spontaneous and intuitively creative within the audible universe.

Ableton literally Pushes the boundaries. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Shipping in 3 months with Live 9 Intro, Live 9 Standard, or Live 9 Suite.

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