A TMA-1 Studio Visit with Matthew Dear



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AIAIAI and Ghostly International very proudly present Matthew Dear going about his creative business and using the TMA-1 Studio. It’s Matt Dear and headphone porn all rolled into one musical package.

If you would have to come up with one dude who you think epitomizes the perfect combination of 21st century class, creativity, style and substance, wouldn’t Matthew Dear figure somewhere on your list of prospects?

In any case, the New York-based creative has been on quite the roll lately kicking out typically demented yet life-affirming, Pitchfork-approved jams for all the world’s beautiful misfits. ‘Her Fantasy’, the backing track to this video, is undoubtedly one of those delectably sinful, disco-infused pop odysseys that showcases the gifted producers talents and cements once again his impeccable ear for groove, melody and atmosphere.

What’s more, ‘A Studio Visit with Matthew Dear’ lets you inside his New York studio where Matthew tells you how he first got into electronically-based music and progressed into being the bonafide underground superstar that he currently is.

So here you go, it’s a brief but lucid peek inside the mind of one of the most interesting producers/musicians of our generation and headphone porn all rolled into one musical package. If Matt Dear and AIAIAI have ever floated your boat in any significant way, we would make the ever so slightly enthusiastic claim that this should be worth a watch or two.

Big ups to Ghostly International and long-time Ghostly collaborator and acclaimed visual artist Will Calcutt who did an awesome job putting this together.