A Series of Impossible Human Sculptures Embodying the Human Spirit

by Ulrik


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- by the team at the Universal Everything design studio. Check out how a Tai-Chi master’s flowing movements are rendered in digital form through a series of fantastical, moving, digital sculptures. It’s delicious, regenerative eye-candy posted to brighten up your Monday.

Created for the framed digital art display at Tokyo’s Omotesando, the works recreate the movements of a Tai Chi master and are described by the team at Universal Everything team as ‘a series of impossible physical sculptures embodying the human spirit.’

If you’re in need of some digital Chi-realignment to chase away those Monday blues (no shame in that, we've all been there) , look no further. The digital wizardry of Universal Everything will make your broken mind right as rain faster than you can say 'raw food'.

Via It's Nice That